(Brief Ideas For Me)  Creating A Purpose Driven Life 


The Point?  To Find MY TRUTH, Not Theirs. The Result?   FREEDOM !! 

Azna said, “I Created U thru Love, so You could Recreate Me! U R a god, and Eternal.”     (Male is Intellect, Female is Emotional/Creative). 

We, Not Them, created this Shallow, Ignorant world for Both Our Growths.              My Life (Free Will) is: My Own Creation – To Evolve My Spiritual Identity!


I’m here to locate & unmask BBS (Bad Belief Systems); explore & find the ‘Internal Thrill/Excitement’ of the Real Me. Most of my Life is Not on Earth, which is knowledge/experience for my Creator (a 50/50 Partner); to rethink Ignorant Group Habits  (Education, Government, Religion, Judicial). Earth is a Brilliant Challenge for Souls (Many are Older). Brush Off the Dirt that Collects between My Sparkles; give Me more Permissions; Be Positive in a Negative World!    Externals: cars, houses, baubles, fade w/ Time/Use.


My ‘Present Beliefs’ – 50 yrs exposure to: Seth Speaks, Edgar Cayce, Course in Miracles, Conversations with God (CWG), Sylvia Brown, I’OK, You’re OK, Journey of Souls, etc.  (I Believe – Fortune Favors the Brave).

I’m a Psych Major who Learned 5 x’s more from Spirituality, with Minors in Aerospace, Drama and unique Life experiences, many of which I would Love to do Again, Differently! It’s been Fun? But My Last Rodeo?  Enough!


**When something is Bothering Me, I go back and change it, In Detail, until I Smile. It Works!    Problems, Past, R there for a reason, Not to Dwell On.


To keep this ‘Game’ N Perspective, “Death is Our Reward for Living Here!” 

And Where We are Right Now, Does Not Exist!!   “We’re Making it All Up!!!”


We’re like Adam & Eve when we start – Naive, Caring, Believing. The Goal: figure out What Life’s all about Before It’s in My rear view mirror.  Solve the Puzzle! Stop Relivng Stuff.  Shared Falsehood, endlessly repeated, is more powerful than the Truth. “Do these pants make my butt look bigger?” How horny are U?   “Trump Won.”   “Can I believe My (Egos) Lying Eyes?”  No!


Don’t become so Involved I lose My Childlike Behavior (Silliness). Never allow My Essence to ‘Grow Up’. (Ask any Child, “Who were U before?”)  Everything I create has a Purpose. Without Pre-Orientations, this Crude Reality would be deadly ie, I take a few easier lives before a Run Here.                                          

Balance – knowing Gods’ Life and Mine, are Both – Male and Female!

Programed learning Is N each Life. I forget who I am & my Simple Script, which garners ‘Extra Credit’ along the way. I learn thru missteps as I go. Spirits Accept/Like It. I ? It – but I’m caught up in this silly game, for now!


Earth: a place where I choose to forget that a Part of Me knows My Past, Present, Future.  I rely on My Ego to make 95% of my decisions, Stunting My Growth! The Task, reacquire Me, Truth/Opinions/Happiness. (Godness)!


Regardless of the BBS which this Reality ‘We created’ lays upon me, there is a way out IF – I will Teach my Ego to lighten up, allowing me to Reason; Act for the Love that is Me.    Life Is An Attitude & with a Loose Vibe I can learn how to Relax in this Spiritual Morass, while Solving My Dilemma!               


“Is It better to Rule in Hell (Earth) than to Serve In Heaven (TOS)?”- Milton?

Facts: A Forth of the Worlds Population is Starving, & Always Has Been.

A Third of the Worlds Population is at War, & A H B – Fear, Rape, Torture!


My leaving the Physical, (to a higher vibration level) is Not the real trauma. Incarnating into this reality (Earth plane) Is!  If no malicious intent, No need for a belief in Our Lie of Guilt (Shame). TV ?, What is beyond Ignorant? Us!


There is Consciousness before/after Our Brain = Energy changing Forms. Optimists are healthier and happier, Accept only what Feels (Is) Positive. Being in a body is very Confining! Do It Well so I don’t need to come back.

A few will return w/ just enough Energy to enjoy a Hobby ie, Surfing, etc! 


I won’t find My Answers in Any One Philosophy/Book, but N Me. The bible has been Edited many times, to promote religion, (legends, myths, corruption, lies, deceit, traditions). Jesus, a prophet; never had a church; embraced Reincarnation; taught Spirituality.  Religion hasn’t answered our Needs (Damnation, Wars).     Paul (Dying for our sins) never met/witnessed Jesus. The Catholic Church bought into it for Control, Male Domination – and It’s Dissolution?? We Created Earth as a fun Diversion! Cayce


This illusion teaches Past, Present and Future, but Time is Simultaneous elsewhere (Seth). At Home (Heaven), Time with All its ‘Pressures’ does not exist, nor does Gravity, Egos, Cancer, War, Competition, Judges, Jealousy, Homelessness, Disease!  (Not Knowing Who We R ,this Life, is like Flying an Airplane & Not Knowing how the Controls/Back Up Systems Work!)

All the Great Philosophers – Jesus, The Buddha, Muhammed, teach: “You need to Love them All, & Equally, or you can’t Love Any of them”. Surprise!

After some thought: It Didn’t Say I have to Like, Respect, or want to hang out with them. But I can Love them for showing up w/ Adventure/Love!


This Primitive, Dark Reality; ranked a Lowly 1 out of 10 is ‘Truly Insane’.   But the more Challenging the Scenario, the stronger player We become.

TOS is Learning from Us. (Thinking of Them Alerts their Essence – Good!) Species that dieout Here, reappear Elsewhere. Nothing is ever lost. (Seth).


Other Inhabited planets (Millions) are more Advanced – Technologically, Politically, Socially, Spiritually, Physically and Psychologically. (CWG) 

Here, every fifth house has a Suicide (avoid that), with each ‘handled individually’ on TOS. Governments lead us to war, increasing lack of freedom, domestic violence, upheaval and, they Lie to stay in Power! Organized religion, A Big Business We Made Up, gets tax breaks.


The lower, dumber, cruder the Reality’s ranking, the faster we Evolve for Our Creators. Om is the Male, Static god.  Azna has more Depth.  Games, parties, classes, pleasure R for All who graduate from “Our Institution”!      


I may use small case for god and Cap Ego, Who Dominates Our Thinking.

Spirit shares, “U do Love a Challenge, & Welcome to Hell w/ Laws, Dude.”


Most Souls will Not come into this reality for Two reasons; there is no real education as to who we are (gods); which produces Fear, Depression, Wars, Lawyers, Judges, Jails, Laws written by the ruling class, and our Reliance on Money, Power and Drugs. Earth is the Only planet that has Cancer!  (Loving Me & calling In the White Lights helps avoid that).


The Brilliance of the Third Rock is allowing us to put our thoughts into creating mountains, rivers, oceans (We Are destroying the place); then selecting Anthropoid Apes (Us) and a Time Period, to act out our Scripts.

We come over at the best time that fits our Themes.


If It’s a Win/Win, Is It a Sin to Participate/Watch?)  Most Human Authority Suckith!  One Animal Sniffing another = Nose Candy, If no Covid!)


Later on many New Levels, I learn to take other forms of my choosing.     Thoughts are Things and have their effect on Me as I seek mental, spiritual and physical Balance.   Fear of Death Here is rooted in materialism, money & power.        (What I Know, Creates My/Our Reality).

Why Attack Me for being ‘A Perfect’ Human?  I Am Always My Choice! Stupid = Decreased Mental Ability. Ignorance = Unaware of All the Facts!    


Self Acceptance, Knowledge, Experience = being on track.  Haleleuya!

A Human PIG: Prejudiced, Ignorant and Greedy. If I’m a Racist Pig; Black/White/Red/Brown, Guess My next Life’s skin Color? (It’s the Game, Darlin’)

Until I take responsibility for All I think or do, I can’t fix It.  But Now I Know!


   BODY                    MIND (EGO)                 SPIRIT (SOUL, HEART, GOD)

My Body is Not the Real Me! Merely a Power Tool for My Mind and Spirit. 

The Body = Central Figure in the Dreaming of this World. Think of Guys as Microwaves (Ready), Gals as Crockpots (Take a While), but worth the wait!


“Johnny, if you don’t stop playing with yourself you’re going to go blind.” “It’s OK Mom. I’m just doing it till I need glasses.”

Or women who use lipsticks, blushes, eyeliners, air brushes, boob jobs, tummy tucks etc, and then complain – “I can’t find a . . ’Real Man’.”


And What is a Real man or woman? A person who has learned to balance their Male/Female merging tendencies.    A graduation requirement?

A Gay person has usually been the other sex for many former lives. (Sylvia)


When They say; “What you just (did/said) was really dumb.” I could reply, “If you think that was silly, let me tell you what I did three weeks ago.” That is walking a line of maturity while tossing the ball back into their court,                   telling Me a lot!   Laugh at U, U earned It; then U Move to a Higher Level.


Most are unhappy with something about our bodies, be it the size or shape of our noses, butts, legs, while forgetting we chose Us, while still on the other side, to suit our Earthly Script.   See the Bigger Picture, & WIN!!

Life is a Chess Board; Train/Study the Moves to Capture UR Hearts Desire!

Take and Give Compliments – We Absolutely, Humongeously Deserve It.                                         “This Life – only a passing shadow”, explains Mongo (Blazing Saddles).


Fear/Love are the Only Two Ways to think/act on Earth. And guess which one we embrace.    Fear (Ego) = scared, angry, sarcastic, mean, whiney, hopeless, cross, antagonistic – Everything Heaven, and Love, Aren’t.

“Anger is my attempt to make Me, or someone else, Feel Guilty.” CWG

I come Here with past-Life Memories. They’re part of me. On TOS I can Merge with another to experience their Intellect, or be Amorous! (Sylvia).  


Azna quips, “We have no preferences what U do. We don’t give/take any thing, the choices R yours. You Thrill Us, Creating UR Own Rewards!


I Need to Love Eddie (Who is Assisting Me), before I can love another, an object or philosophy. I do have the power of a Creator, since I R 1. It Takes Beliefs to Use It, Controlling My Feelings in Every Life.   Why Not Love Me until My cup runneth over, then share It.     “I’m not responsible for how Others receive my message, Only how I Send It!” 


Observations to some R felt as Judgments. The Inevitable Compromise: the belief that My Body must be healed, but not My Mind. Like A Frig’ full of false beliefs, i.e. “I Love to shop with my wife.”  “Make up your Mind!”


We can teach a wild animal to jump through fiery hoops, but never house break them. We house break dogs and cats, but Man is the most Trainable Animal, and continue their habits long after their trainers are gone.


As Needed: “I Visualize Peace of Mind, Health, Joy and a Loving Spirit”.


**My Beliefs form My Behaviors, which create My Emotions.    I write, direct, produce, and star in my own productions, with Celestial Friends. My Life’s Purpose? Totally Up to Me!      Judgment adds Darkness to My Soul! Understand what’s happening, and Why?   (Practice Backing it Up)


Sin: Allowing U and I to Be what we R by Relying on the Experience of Others. Create My Own Opinions/Options.   MY TRUTH = MY SPIRIT!! 


This world was made so ‘Our Problems’ could not be Easily Escaped.    “The Larger the Scope of Creation I Comprehend – the Easier My Life Is!”

Aspire to Spiritual Growth, which Azna Never demands? Grow My Mind to the Greatness of Forgiving/Understanding?  “Solve the Problemeo.”


On entering Any Relationship ask not “What will I get out of it”, rather, “What do I bring to it and, How may I assist another when they are ready?”   I have every reason to Smile, Creation is Me! My Soul is Perfecting! I have the Courage to be Here. I am a Spiritual Warrior for . . The Great Pumpkin!  

TOS teleports by Thought (no wheels), and we speak Aramaic. Sylvia

Fear, Judgment, Retribution (Dogma) have caused many Angels to lose their way. Thinking is hard, value judgments are difficult, putting Me at . . . Pure Creation.   The human body was never meant to ingest Alcohol. CWG


By age two we have learned how to control our parents and by three our personalities are set. By four I decided – mine is better than yours because of My Not OK feelings about Eddie, (which follow many through life), and anything said or seen since I have no filter until age six – it’s all taken in as truth. “The Devil is (My Ego)!” At Home I won’t care what I did for a Living. I Will Care what I Became.   “Is TOS Another Dream/Illusion?””Yep.””OK!”


***Matters of the ‘Body’ are: Money, Sex, Power, Possessions. Physical stimulations and satisfactions, security, fame, financial gain. (CWG)

Spirit says, “Earth is only Temporary, one of many Planets You select.”


The Mind harbors My Ego = My Earthly Guide and Trainer = the First thoughts/words out of My mouth.    If I Wait a Moment, I allow a Deeper Choice to come from – My Spirit, Soul or Heart, saving Me incarceration, hospitalization, or Tissue Damage!     Any Change scares My Ego.


Fear/Ignorance – Stressful. Truth – No.  “Know Your Ego,” Mrs. Mongo.


The Ego was originally created to be a bridge between Spirit and our Earthly reality, but over time It became a Tyrant. (Seth) We left it in to make this primitive reality more of a challenge (a pain in the ass). Ego opposes All Appreciation, Recognition, Sane Perception and Knowledge!!


Ego is not going away until the moment I Pass, so educating It is My only solution. Many humans aren’t aware they own One, spending their lives being a victim to Its ignorance/challenges/fear ie (It’s all their fault or, No one gave Me Permission – Who I Am/Create My Opinion). I’m OK, UR OK.


Everything negative finds a home in Ego, including suicidal and self defeating thoughts.    Man, Son and Partner of god, Cannot Sin. (CWG)


There are Souls, in Spirit, who speak for God!  Am I Listening? Is Life a temporary, Monkey See – Monkey Do, negative state of Unreality? Yep.

**Little is determined using ancestral roots. It’s more functional to track past Lives/Phobias.     Grief Never Ends, It Moderates.    Grace = Know Who I Am!      ‘Educated, Unsophisticated Males’ start most Wars.

As often as needed, I take a look not at, but right through My Life . . Not what I wish it was, or what someone has told Me It’s suppose to be, but What’s Really Going On.      Then I can plan a Spiritual Course Correction.        This Reality is a Great Adventure in a Silly and Ignorant sort of way.                    

Or maybe, “What’s the matter Dude, can’t U take a Little Joke (Ego)?”      


Human relationships are challenging. When one dissolves, why repeat it?       Learn from it, move on, with a better set of Beliefs, Behaviors, Faith N U.     Having Partners Is Educational, Fulfilling, Bazaar, Crazy, Loving, Fun!


Two thousand years ago to increase tithing/attendance the church Began: Looking after Itself; Alms; A fearful god; The idea of Hell; To Forget the Female Goddess which most religions up to that time recognized.  

Before then, ‘religion’ was where folks gathered to spread ideas, help each other and share philosophies, not Dogma (one person/group’s opinion).   

Was this the beginning of the ‘corporate concept’ of money and power?


Be more flexible psychologically and spiritually. (I Fear those I have not Forgiven). @ 300 A D a Roman General named Constantine, and his mother, removed All reference to reincarnation from the good book. They found it easier to make local tribes respond to their authority, In this Life.


Many think the female goddess Azna is the Real Doer/Creator of the two and the one we mortals should be talking to. ‘Om’ is the Static Male with the deep laugh.   And We R All 1, Our Love Everlasting, Here & Forever.


***Matters of the ‘Mind’ include: companionship; creativity; stimulation of new thoughts, new ideas; creation of new goals, new challenges; and personal growth. (CWG)      Spirit is a Friend, Partner, Confidant (Me).

“If I don’t believe N any thing/body, Ego becomes my god & savior.” And That is a Scary Way to go thru Life. Ask anyone in the Penal System!


‘No Coincidences or Accidents Here’. Life is planned/orchestrated. Spirit is a Mystery on this Level, but Not at Home!


I seldom change my main Life Themes (45) in each Life. The 1st I do With, the 2nd I do Through.     If I veer off course I may experience depression, headaches or physical Illness. (Sylvia Brown)                                          True Masters create other Masters – Not Followers! (CWG)

My Creator (No stronger Love) a 50/50 partner. We love/need each other!

Decades before my physical births I write out my charts in general. Since each Life is a dynamic process, I go Home 2/3 nights a week to tweek my goals, check my progress. This is beyond dreams & I seldom remember. 

‘Soul Mates’ stay Home, help guide Me.   ‘Kindred Souls,’ I look for here.

Parts of Me reside in Other Realities while I am Marooned on Earth.                                                  


My Ego, which All R given, has only the Power I choose to give it. It is part of My basic equipment; controls My thoughts/actions; wants Its interests served; does not want to admit the reality of any dimension except those within which ‘We allow It’ to feel Comfortable.    I Look to Spirit & My Humanity for Truth, Knowing.      All My Attitudes R Ego based.


I think of Ego as a ‘lost scared child’, that We listen to – an easy way out of Our Problems . . . Alcohol, Drugs, Denial & Suicide N ‘All of Its Forms’. 

Five Veterans a day, and fifty thousand people each year ‘Physically’ Exit; Spiritually, a Lot More.  Most return, on their own, to fulfill their contract.


**What matters is the Presence of a Person. Their Essence (Knowledge) is where true Beauty resides, not our Bodies (Culture, Ego, Dogma adore it).


We require training and a diploma for occupations. A marriage license requires Nothing. Most parents are still children themselves with little knowledge of good parenting. What could possibly go wrong? Thank god for grand parents.   Few Here evolve above a Kindergarten Level.


But Do I sense Ego is resilient/eager to learn – not natively rigid? Yes I Do!


Without Ego, All would be Love and this reality would resemble Heaven.  Using it, I create the negative, deadly Game that lives here.  I Miss the Simplicity of What Truth and Creation was Here – and Will Be Again. Seth.          


I never escape My Themes, as they keep rising up in front of Me: Analyzer, Builder, Patience, Victim, Winner, etc.   We are Gods, Angels, Winners and ‘Perfect’ for Each Incarnation.       Many Souls take on More than they can handle, but No One can/will stop them!   R We Alone Here? Not a Chance!!

There are over a million Realities (most are more evolved), All have TOS. 


I should take a lot of Pride in Me/Us. We’ve put ourselves through a lot of serious stuff to get this far, with more to come! I travel my Trail, with Help.  ‘They don’t care how much U know, They want to know how much U care!’        Earth is a tough Experience! Medicine w/ Knowledge below par; and Something, like a Brain Fog, blanking our ‘Intelligence’.


I test my strength here to see if My Beliefs can/will endure!   Ignorance, Greed, Avarice & those who close their Minds will flunk their Themes.

Complain, bitch, vent, or whine. Get My righteous anger out and I’ll feel better.      ‘A Pattern repeats until I learn It Fully!’         Religion, schools, psych and culture want to make Me homogenous, clean, quiet, perfect & Boring.   When I am ready, My teachers appear.   


Don’t push against Life, or blame Karma for an Ignorance of Spirituality. There is Nothing to Fear while staying positive and caring for others and our planet. I admire those who Search for, find and follow Their Own Beliefs. (Only My Ego feels Guilt/Shame) Errors R learning opportunities!!


There’s no such thing as Right/Wrong, only what works for Me/Mine. CWG How to overcome My fears?  By letting reason tell Me they contradict reality, or go against Truth. On TOS, We don’t feel that We can Fail. Stay  open to Life, Love, Fun.     Our American Dream, what is that, exactly?


NOW: let’s get into the best part of Me that represents the Creator:  Spirit, Soul, Heart. This is Who I Am before I slide down the ‘pink chute’ each time and begin My Earthly adventure. Souls like J C ‘Will Themselves Into, out of This Dream’. In some Realities we step into a cloud and disappear!


Spirit is positive, knowledgable, the Real Deal, and the source I should be listening to rather than Ego. There is ‘no greater wisdom’ than what lives in My own Heart. I Hear More with My Heart than My ears.  At Home We are All Happy/Proud.   Ego feels it is All Alone, Lives on Judgments of Others.


I need to Be, in Our world of Illusions, where I Love Me the Most.    Let My heart answer, not My mind.     Be surprised at Nothing Love does.           

Guys say, “I think”. Gals say, “I feel”; a dynamic duo when working as One!

Females marry for Support/Survival, Males for Companionship & a steady supply of Sex – where we Enjoy Merging at ‘The garbage dump’ – Robin Williams.      A way to make more of us, that is unique to Earth! 


My best Life begins at the End of My Comfort (Ego) Zone.                       My Top interests are: Music, Flying and Females.  What Fills UR Heart?

Who am I Listening to, Obeying (Body, Ego, Spirit) All?    Live Positive!    

Never Take this Reality Seriously! If A E Fails Dial 1 800 KMA U POS. Wonder if our two & four legged friends have a soul? Look in their eyes!  They are waiting at Home, will be talking with us.   I am Loved, Always!


If We partake of ‘Malicious Intent’, we will sit in the Hall of Wisdom, Talking to the Counsel about ‘Our red slash’! Bad people don’t return to TOS, they do a 180 back to Earth until they change, or get Reconstituted, at the CDSF, Celestral Dumbass Sewerage Facility.  (Where Most TV Ads Go)


Spirit is the observer, not the creator, to give or take away anything from me. It reminds me to think of, “Consequences of my actions.”    Life is a process of Creation, not discovery.  Azna will Improve Life, if I ask?


Relationships are My greatest gifts. Use them wisely and know – it is difficult to change people. And it is a Capital Offense if I try to hold another responsible for my needs.       There is No Limit on The Mind And Spirit.


No one is Disadvantaged, for each Soul ‘creates for itself’ the exact people, places and circumstances needed to accomplish our goals.    

So only when I say, “I did this”, can I change it.  I am the Creator!  ME/U!!


**There is nothing more enlightening or fun than looking for “My Truth, Not Theirs”.  Spirits Do Not Judge Me. I am the One, if open to help, who can assure my progress.  I Add to Gods Treasure creating ‘My Own Opinions’!


We reincarnate Here an average of thirty (30) times, remembering who we R at Home. We believe we don’t know the answers, So We Don’t. ? every value I hold!      Each time I Empty Myself out N Life, I Get Deeper. 

Only the most ‘Advanced Souls’ pick Horrifying Experiences Here!

Neutralize ‘Dark Forces’ by sending White Light to enter/surround them!    If I equate My Body (stay 4” above) as ‘All of Me’, I experience Depression!


I do believe Elvis was a good performer, and a great singer (If I Can Dream).       Who else could have carried those mediocre scripts?


Only My Body makes (this illusion) seem real. Pain results from a judgment I make – Remove the judgment (another illusion) and the pain vanishes.  What’s the point of each Life? Easy! Only the One I (U) put on It.


**Avoid Judgments of myself and All others. Merely Observe!!   Not Easy!!        

Would I rather be Right, or Happy?  My choice.      Wonder Why Others are here?   There R 45 challenges (Themes) we work on (Francine – Sylvia).   Does Love fill Churches; or is it Fear, Habit, Sunday Clothing?        My Ego Always smiles and agrees, but little of substance ever changes!


My Will is as Strong as God’s.    Om, Azna & I would have It no other way!

I live My life knowing Only 5% of Who I am; It’s called My Conscious Mind. The other 95% is My Sub Conscious, which knows All – Is My Soul/Heart!     


All Earthly knowing is First accessed on TOS, then implanted in My Brain – which is in My Skull.      My Mind is N every Bodily cell (50 Trillion) ie Mini Me’s (Dr Evil).   My Personality is from The Great Sparkler, & past Lives!


‘Everything Here’ that is Beautiful, began It’s Life at Home?  Can’t Wait?


Creators are All Knowing (the Absolute) but need Us to experience the Emotionality of Earth (the Relative). Evolve UR S… Show to Sherbert! 

Azna says, “Desire Everything, Need Nothing, Choose what shows up.” 


So what’s UR Opinion?  Get One or risk being marooned here on Gilligan’s Island until U Do. If U ask a ?, Our Guides R Obligated to answer.  Listen!!!


In the seventies I worked as a hypnotist in a clinic helping sexually abused females. Our clients came from MD’s who couldn’t find anything physically wrong for the pain they expressed, so they guessed they had buried it in their Subconscious. I guessed They placed It there earlier in their Scripts.   

I settled for getting their Sub- and Conscious to communicate. 


Small/Large things that Happen Here R brushed aside on TOS. Let It Go!

A Master Hypnotist can regress us, like peeling the skin from an Onion, revealing layers of our past lives.    Google Michael Newton, ‘Journey of Souls’ (50 min), & read Sylvia Brown’s “Life on the Other Side.” 


Having Any Task (Life?) and not knowing how to do it well = Depression!

I can free myself by listening to my Soul, Spirit and Heart (The Big Three). This is where the good positive stuff lives and It will replace the Red on My Lollypop that My Ego keeps licking off. (It uses the Body to Attack Others).


I the ‘Angel, God, All That Is’, am ‘Now Using’ a physical form. This is Not a Metaphor.    I trust that every ‘Human Angel’ is just as homesick as I am.                        “There is No Pain like ‘Temporarily’ Losing a Love!”  (It’s All a Dream!)                             (On this planet the inmates run the institution).    I’m here to learn to enjoy my own company, independence, and recognize My Addictions (Habits).


Anything that brings Me to My Truth is a blessing.   I find Spirit thru Me/U.

Before entering a human animal I always pray, “Please don’t let me forget who I am”, but I usually do – and in comes the Ego.   And It will never quit!  If Death or Negativity is My treasure, I’ll sell Everything to purchase It.  


So What to do? There is only One Way . . . Do what It’s been doing to Us All these years – Re-Train ‘Your Nemisis’ with the Truth, or you will ride that Gnarley Trail forever, like ‘The Ghost Herd in the Sky’. Yippy Ky Yaaa!


Never fear, Spirit is Here – and It never forgets our Plan – What we came here to produce.   (No script includes ‘any level’ of suicide – We do That!)     Relax, keep a healthy distance from Perfection, count to ten, and be Nice as The New, Evolving, Real U flowers into A Loving Person!


**If they don’t relate to Spirituality – Be Kind, Sympathetic, Understanding!

For My Life Review @ the Hall of Wisdom I’ll Say, “Regrets, I’ve had a few, too few to mention. That Planet is Not for Everyone. I just wanted to Love, be loved and have some fun!”  Azna, “U done good E. Get ready to party!”


***Matters of the Soul are: Spiritual identity; Life purpose; Relationship to The Creator; Path of evolution; Spiritual growth; Ultimate destiny. (CWG)

Spirit Asks: What Price are You Paying? Me, “I’m making My move on It.”


Create Life while the Gods Watch.  “The More I Know, the Less I Need!” The Upper Levels We attain at ‘Home’ R due to our ‘Dedication Here’. I will Never find Me if I rely on the Outer World to Verify My Existence.

As I tell my Flight students: Always be a prepared to explain your actions to an Accident Investigator (Life?). Them, “That’s what I would have done”.


List the Items you/family/friends believe or ?. Review them; Now begin UR New Life. (In Us is All of Heaven!)      Boredom Is a Test.  Think Spirituality.


Abortion: U must walk your own way – But No Full Term, No Soul Involved. 


On leaving the physical; 1st thing I See is Light; Hear is Laughter; Feel is Love.   No misunderstanding lives through the Dying Process.  Do My best and let it go.  Azna, “No one is ever Harmed when They return Home. U go thru a ‘Shower’ that Penetrates into The Soul.”


For 20,000 years, Mother God’s Loving and Caring was apparent. In the past 2,000 years of Patriarchal Rule; Chaos, religion vs religion, dogma, fear, guilt.     Should males return to what they do best – lifting heavy objects & inseminating females? CWG   Think like the Spirit Guide We R.


Love is the Only Reality. All the rest is so much traffic noise. Sex is joy and a Dim Representative of the awaiting Bliss and Techniques at Home. Don’t use Love for Power or Domination. It won’t work, doesn’t fit the Real U.


Ever wonder, is It Love or Infatuation? Is It comfort and companionship? Friendships can grow into loving relationships.  It All has to begin w/ Me!


Spirits are always watching and don’t care what I had for lunch but are there to help solve every challenge Me and Ego create. 


The door is forever Open from the Angelic Side, seldom from the Human. 

This Planet is basically ruled by the Female, Experiencing Side. 90% of us really do Not want to come back into this ‘Frustration’, but we do want to Perfect more than others, on this last Planet to be won over to the Good.


Everyone who ever loved Me in other Lives is talking to Me. Am I listening? I need to Care for My Body; the Temple in which My Soul resides.


“How do I know what I’m saying Yes too? I don’t.”    Cherish every stop on the ride. On other Planets, once U learn something, It Sticks. Not Here!     So No coffee breaks allowed – It costs too much to retrain Us! 


At the moment of ‘Death/Life’ I will realize the greatest Freedom, Peace, Joy and Love I have ever known.  Knowledge makes Me more Spiritual.

TV programs demo our Level Here – Violence, Death.  I Like PBS! 


This World can be totally chaotic, governed by arbitrary and senseless laws, without real meaning. My Ego teaches – ‘Love is dangerous, seek and do not find’.      All sickness comes from Separation.       Death (My Graduation) is not an enemy but My ticket to the Home I Never Left. Yes.

To Heal, the Only Kind of Thinking that resembles the Thought of Spirit! Jesus, Master Teachers, The Counsel, Archtypes – R All the Same.

In Quietness All things are Answered.     90 years on Earth = a few short months at Home; we feel 10 times better; have lectures/debates on any subject; parties, dances, fun; attack is unknown; Physics R Different.

Every Entity on TOS has easy communion with Spirit (Azna, Om, Jesus)!


My Ego is Logical, but clearly Insane.   80% of Us Worry Ourselves to Death. (There are answers Waiting for Me that I have Not Yet Heard).  


**While some may appear to be wasting their lives, they might be here as a catalytic force to perfect everyone around them.  Now Who do I Know . .?


***Without Ego I am: Goodness, Mercy, Compassion and Understanding. I am Peace, Joy, Light. I am Forgiveness, Patience, Strength and Courage, a Helper in times of Need, a Comforter in time of Sorrow, a Healer in time of Injury, a Teacher in times of Confusion. I am the deepest Wisdom, the Highest Truth; the Greatest Peace & the Grandest Love.  Remember???    


‘Creation’ is far beyond most Finite Minds wildest dreams or concepts!

Don’t wait until U get Home to Be Spiritual – No Credit earned for that! 

Learn/Use It Now for U and Yours!


If I give up My Will to Another, rather than releasing It to (Me), then I miss being a Shooting Star, a Beacon of Light, a Candle in the Darkness.                        Relax, Be Clever & Turn My Script into A 5 Star Production!


Negativity is free from Surprise . . . but No Joy & Emotion Either!

I Know Enough Now to Trust & Use, My Heart, Soul and Spirit!   

Take the Leap. Use that Free Will You gave to You! Be the Winner U R.      

Never Again will I be without Something Real/Positive to Think/Act On!


Life is the Great Equalizer. It doesn’t care your Color, Shoe Size or Sexual Preference.   R U going to Win/Lose @ Life?  Your Buds R Rooting for U!



My Car Tag – C E ie, Captain, Cool, Crazy Eddie; Continuing Education!     On the Front Bumper is a Pic I took flying thru Monument Valley!

To a few I am affectionatly known as . . . “Special Ed”      Right On!! 


This ‘Story’ allows me to Smile thru All Personal Losses, & in 2018 & 21.

5 Stages of Grief – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression & ‘Acceptance’!


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